Friday, 22 August 2014


Bobo Choses AW14 A day in L.A. just landed at Stars in a Jar  and we celebrated by completely soaking in delicious patterns and incredible prints, pulled on our EMU boots and MAA kicks and went out in the beautiful Sydney springtime weather for a little play with swords (my little pirates) and a search for Totoro. 
I have to start by mentioning Miss W's cardigan: it is a little piece of mohair perfection, and made princess W feel so comfy and warm, even though all she was wearing underneath was a thin sweater (the swan sweater in sz 4/5) The beanie is a fluffy piece of wonderful and can we just take a minute to soak up Mr C's incredible pants and shirts? The denim used in these pants are the most incredible denim! He has not taken them off since! I loved matching Bobo Choses with Agatha Cub AW14 bodega ruby shirt and cap. What a match made in heaven! Prints galore, LOVE!
(And I have to take a minute to say that I felt that both their footwear really completed their look. 
Miss W is wearing Emu Australia Toddle shoes and Mr C is wearing MAA shoes hallifay shoes)

Sometimes when we go out like this I wonder what people think walking/driving past: these kids will have the most awesome time exploring pretty much anything: today they stopped by "the white wall" and began looking for Totoro under the house. 
Then they began collecting acorns and seeds from the ground. Then we met the friendly neighbourhood cat, he is such a gem! and we had a good 30 min just playing with him, before we walked to the playpark which seemed to keep their attention for a 15 min before they wanted to explore more which resulted in a treasure/ cat hunt before heading home. 
This is my favourite type of day: just letting them be kids: curious and wonderful.  

Happy weekend to you all. Stay rad. 
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Agatha Cub Bodega Ruby cap and a sample piece shirt from the soon arriving

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  1. Looks like the kiddies had a amazing and very stylish adventure!! I am sure people think that they are the best dressed explorers evvva!!! xx