Thursday, 14 August 2014


Agatha Cub's creative director and founder, Bianca Reis, has a background in contemporary mens and womenswear and believes that children's clothing can be practical, fun and sophisticated at the same time. She is inspired  by the contemporary world and her two naughty little nephews: Jo and Sam. When I first came across Agatha Cub, it was the caps that I fell in love with: I love the pattern and the colour ways. I knew we needed them. Then I learned that everything Agatha Cub is made from organic cotton: Organic headwear, now thats rad!  Now I am a super fan: Everything about this growing label is fabulous! 
I am so in love with the quality and the caps and beanies look so good on. And the best bit? Agatha Cub will release an AW14 that includes shirts and pants and more amazingness! I cannot wait to show you more: But in the meanwhile: check out the amazing website/shop HERE::

ABOUT THEMSELVES THEY SAY: Follow us on our blog as we work through all the kinks of being a young company who cares, as we undertake this journey. We plan to share our thoughts and processes in our blog in an attempt to be honest, transparent and culpable, and hopefully, truly solidify who we are what we believe in. Not tempered by time but demand. We will be launching products by batches at intervals determined by demand and financial capability. Products that we truly believe in, every time, and not a minute before they are ready. We're in this for the long run.

(Images are from a RAWR magazine editorial: More info here::) 

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