Friday, 15 August 2014


I love small business: I think it is very important to support and prioritise the labels and brands that are doing it all by them selves: 
I had a chat to Selina from Freddy Alphabet and got to ask her some questions. 
I loved to hear her thoughts about her growing label.

What made you go ahead with the idea of Freddy Alphabet?
I have always wanted to design t-shirts but have never had the time until I became a mum. I have two boys and was struggling to find t-shirts that were fun. There's plenty of time later in life to be serious.

You do all the printing and handling yourself, I remember ordering from you and I got an email saying the pillow was being sewn that very moment (which I found awesome!) but to you who make these products, what is your favourite part of the process?
-The very first print of a new design. I test all the prints myself and what looks good on the drawing board doesn't always make the best print. It is so exciting to see a print come to life on a t-shirt and then have other people enjoy it too... it's such a great feeling.

Where did the bus idea come from?
-I wanted something that related to where people lived. People are so proud of their local areas and everyone has memories relating to places. I have heard some brilliant stories about specific bus routes.

Any thoughts about Freddy Alphabet that you would like to share?

Remember when you were a kid on summer holidays, sitting in the backyard with your best friend, eating icy poles.  You’ve been to the beach everyday and haven’t worn shoes in over a week.  You’ve had your favourite t-shirt on the whole holidays and don’t plan to take it off until they finish… I’d like to think it was a Freddy Alphabet t-shirt

Well, Selina, I can tell you already that Freddy Alphabet is a big part of our everyday life for certain. 
The cushions work so well in the sofa and bed, and the kids love their awesome tees (and the sloppy joe sweater is so so so soft, it has become Mr C's go to for those extra chilly days) 

And I am still completely sold over the fact that when I was awaiting my order, I was told it was being sewed at that very moment: that does put things in perspective: Handmade. Locally. Small business.

It has the best ever ring to it!

To purchase Freddy Alphabet:: click Here

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