Friday, 4 July 2014

MINTI AW14 ::: SALE :::

Minti is one of Australia's most popular children's clothes labels, and not without reason: their high quality pieces are soft and strong, and of course, always fun and quirky!
They are the superheroes of cute prints for the kids. They have a sense of humour that kids get and love - Mr C was flying around as batman-bat all day long.
I am sure many people would love to know that WILD AND MINI is having a sale on Minti's AW14 stock: and they have a lot of really good pieces left! Definitely worth a closer look: just add TAKE30 to your order to receive 30% off on e v e  r y t h i n g from full price to sales items.

And you can get both from WILD AND MINI .
Remember the code, TAKE30 at checkout. 


About themselves they say::
We are a small team of designers based in Melbourne, Australia.
Since our inception in 2003 we have always done our very best to design and produce high quality and unique garments for kids.
All our artwork is done in-house at our Brunswick studio – this is also where we come up with all our cut & sew designs.
Our ethos has always been and continues to be “what we’d wear if we were small”
Thanks for taking the time to look at our website – we hope you enjoy.
Nick & Amy xx

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