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I had the fun chance to ask Syreeta from Indikidual some questions about her brand, INDIKIDUAL, and will share this with you now as I am presenting the AW14 Collection, which is organic, colourful, quirky and all things INDIKIDUAL. Congratulations with yet another fabulous collection: we are in love with the shade of blue, the scarf and beanies,  the hole punch print, the washi tape face and the crafty zig zag’s and of course, the crayons! INDIKIDUAL is made for fun kids, who knows how to play and get creative. 
Our little talk follows below the AW images:: 

      What is it that inspire your cute and quirky prints? [...Bananas. Straws. Zigzag. Maracas...]  
           The prints are inspired by my daughter Minnie, 
           she loves drawing and we spend a lot of tie laying on the floor with a big doodle pad. 
           She always wanted me to draw bananas and thats where the banana pint came from, 
           since then she has been fascinated by Jelly fish and we thought it would be funny if they could shake maracas!  I love drawing things that kids love but are not necessarily so obvious,
like the straws, I'm sure all kids love straws!     

What is your favourite part of the whole production process?   The designing, I love coming up with new ideas for prints and working on the colour pallets. We have a brand who keep copying our designs and I just don't get it, why would you want to miss out on the best part of the job?!?

Can you share your 3 most favourite prints/items from your previous collections?  It has to be the banana jumpsuit from the first collection, as soon as I saw the sample I thought people are going to ether love this or hate it! I love our socks form the new collection, they are designed to be worn odd like Pippi Longstocking. And last but not least it has to be the pom pom print dress, Its Minnies favourite at the moment, she loves the big pockets for keeping all her treasures in

Your latest season will be in store soon: When?  It will be instore in the beginning of August, we are working hard to get it sent out to all the shops as we speak!

Anything secrets about AW14 that you want to reveal now?   We have a great collaboration with Bobby Dazzler dolls, Look out for Ron, Bruno, Tarquin and Mike, they are awesome!

To purchase INDIKIDUAL AW14, Click here::: 

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