Monday, 21 July 2014


So, I have had the pleasure of teaming up with some fantastic peeps to give YOU a fantastic chance at winning some awesome stuff under the hashtag #freeandwildchildgiveaway


#freeandwildchildgiveaway and @freeandwildchild

as a caption to your picture and follow all the givers. 

(You can find the links to all the accounts to follow below and on @freeandwildchild's instagram page, the first giveaway picture posted)

So here are the details to this giveaway of ours:
One very lucky winner will get the following:

120$ Voucher -Shipping is free

100$ voucher -shipping is free

ONE 1 optional Pair of Kids Oxford shoes -shipping is free

50$ voucher -shipping is free

ONE 1 optional organic cap and
ONE 1 optional Organic knit beanie -Shipping is free

50$ voucher -Shipping is free

50$ voucher -shipping is free

TWO 2 optional tee's or tanks -Shipping is free

75$ voucher -Shipping is free

ONE optional piece of clothing -Shipping is free.

ONE 1 optional Tee and 
ONE 1 optional small soft toy -Shipping is free. 

ONE 1 Custom handmade soft merino wool Ready Or knot beanie
ONE 1 Custom handmade soft merino wool Scarf -Shipping is Free. 

50$ voucher -Shipping is free.

50$ voucher -Shipping is free

50$ voucher -Shipping is free.

50$ Voucher -Shipping is free. 

Follow all the 17 participants on instagram:


-Anyone can join.

-All the prizes will be sent separately which is great
for people in countries with taxes and duty on gifts.
-Repost this image with the hashtag 
#freeandwildchildgiveaway and @freeandwildchild
-Follow all the instagram accounts mentioned. 
-Instagram and public accounts only.
(I am sorry, but we need to keep this one public 
so make sure your instagram is set to public 
at the date of the draw) 
-1 week, winner announced at: 
Sunday July 27, 2014 around 9pm EST (Australian EST)
-You can repost one 1 time only.
-Winner will be picked randomly by @freeandwildchild

Winner will be announced on instagram and must email 
@freeandwildchild as soon as possible on this email:: HERE! (<-- press for mail addy)
 I will then get your details to pass on to the givers who have your prize! 
They will then contact you on the email you contact @freeandwildchild from if there was an optional item you won, or they will ship your prize directly to you and as soon as possible. 

 Make sure to follow all the amazing accounts and use the right hashtag:

Thank you to everyone involved in making this giveaway possible. 


  1. Love this giveaway you are amazing .... thank you for putting a) this together.. my ig is gennys_momma ��☺

  2. I love this giveaway seriously <3

  3. In love with this giveaway, GOD bless you all for doing this amazing project, god will recompense y'all with more. Good luck to everybody and god bless you all ❤️