Friday, 6 June 2014


So much fun to have by just going out and let the day be completely open with no goal other than having fun. I try to do that as often as possible: just get out and explore. 
We pick and smell flowers, pick sticks, rocks, greet dogs and people, find lizards, insects, sing and rhyme, laugh and giggle, and last, but not least, make new friends where ever we go. I find that by not having a car, our life is so less stressful than if we had a car (of course having a car would be super convenient, I am not going to lie, I hope we will decide on getting one eventually) but for right now: This life of little stress and lots of neighbourhood exploring suits us just right. 
Sydney is GREAT when it comes to play parks and park areas. There is always a place for the kids to have a run around and get their wigglies out. I have to say, that and the weather are things I really love about the land down under.
And the big chess areas are pretty cool too. 

Miss W is wearing nununu NO! tee, Nico Nico Skirt, mini rodini leopard sunnies, Country road tights, pray4trax necklace,  minnetonca moccs.
Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses tee, DC shorts and  Mini Rodini straw cap.

For info regarding their clothes, sizing etc, feel free to drop me a line and I'll be happy to help.

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