Monday, 9 June 2014


Kukukid is probably one of the most adorable and funky labels we have come across this year.


Not only are the people behind the label amazingly friendly and sweet, but they have created a really cool finished product.
Instad of being grown up, its cute and childish and very fresh!
Their slogan "We are rebel but cute" fits them oh, so well!
I put the thunderbolt tee and drop crotch pants on my Mr C and he immediately became The Flash (For those who haven't heard that name before, the Flash is a really cool super hero)
Put the cheeky little yellow monster tee and Dino hoodie on my little Miss W, and she was running around "raaaaawwwwrrr" ing and I simply adore that yellow colour on her.

I have to admit that this is so different from how I normally dress the two of them, and I super love it!
Putting on them something that is made for play and fun (And for going out in the world and making people smile!) has proven very rewarding for us all: they simply love how they look and feel (Mr C went straight into the bathroom to look at him self as the Flash!)
And I love how they can move so freely and how they simply look edibly cute!

As clothes that inspire play and fun: I think Kukukid really hit that spot!

You can get KUKUKID HERE or if you are in australia, at A LITTLE BIT OF CHEEK

Note: Miss W's yellow raincoat in the sleeping picture  and the coat Mr C is wearing in the first picture 
is from French soda.
Everything else is from KUKUKID

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