Friday, 27 June 2014


As a very typical Norwegian, I am pretty fussed about rainwear. I need it to be really good.
I also want it to be colourful and fun, but durable and strong: 
French Soda has gumboots lined with super soft and warm fleece, the sole is flexible and the rubber is soft. The kids love wearing these boots so much so that they have become our all around boot: when its chilly, the grass is the teeniest bit wet, when in the garden, when going for a late evening play, when running to meet daddy after work, when going to the beach in the autumn, and when going for hikes in the blue mountains. The raincoats are so comfy too: soft cotton lining and cute and soft, not too stiff or glossy exterior, and they don't get clammy! We LOVE these. 
(Miss W has already slept wearing both gumboots and the coat, which is always a stamp of approval.)

We took all these pieces with us to the Blue Mountains and went on a hike to Wentworth falls. Such a beautiful and fun walk in the bush. The kids absolutely loved every minute of exploring and experiencing. An absolute must if you are ever in Sydney.   




Mr C is wearing blue tall gumboots and Billie Raincoat 

I am so happy to be able to present this Australian company to you: 
Check them out here: 
Word is, that they have a sale right now and the prices are very very good!

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