Sunday, 29 June 2014


Say Hello! to spots, dots and blobs from Koolabah, the friendly little swedish children's brand.
With a dream to dress small trendsetters in edgy clothing with an attitude which not labels or categorises them but gives them a chance to proclaim their individualitythey are definitely ready to take on the world of children's fashion. We love the pop tee so much. It is probably one of our most favourite tee's at the moment: BIG big dots! 
I certainly feel that they have hit the SPOT. Their pieces have cute, bold and beautiful prints and colours and work well for boys and girls. This is definitely a brand to watch grow. 


I would cop that tee and some pants while they are on sale at LOJA DADA ----->>
Or from their own webshop HERE


ABOUT themselves they say:

Koolabah is a Swedish design concept that creates fashion in unisex for small trendsetters from 3 months to six years. We want the clothes to be nice to look at with its minimalistic design and unique shapes, but at the same time we strongly focus on functionality and ergonomics. Edgy, timeless, in your face fashion that exudes individuality and attitude. Inspiration is drawn from the Scandinavian and the Japanese culture and elements from the 80´s are a recurring theme in the all our collections. All the garments are made from 100% organic materials. You can find us online at but also in other stores around Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.

Friday, 27 June 2014


As a very typical Norwegian, I am pretty fussed about rainwear. I need it to be really good.
I also want it to be colourful and fun, but durable and strong: 
French Soda has gumboots lined with super soft and warm fleece, the sole is flexible and the rubber is soft. The kids love wearing these boots so much so that they have become our all around boot: when its chilly, the grass is the teeniest bit wet, when in the garden, when going for a late evening play, when running to meet daddy after work, when going to the beach in the autumn, and when going for hikes in the blue mountains. The raincoats are so comfy too: soft cotton lining and cute and soft, not too stiff or glossy exterior, and they don't get clammy! We LOVE these. 
(Miss W has already slept wearing both gumboots and the coat, which is always a stamp of approval.)

We took all these pieces with us to the Blue Mountains and went on a hike to Wentworth falls. Such a beautiful and fun walk in the bush. The kids absolutely loved every minute of exploring and experiencing. An absolute must if you are ever in Sydney.   




Mr C is wearing blue tall gumboots and Billie Raincoat 

I am so happy to be able to present this Australian company to you: 
Check them out here: 
Word is, that they have a sale right now and the prices are very very good!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Loja Dada for Kids is an amazing online store from Lisbon, Portugal. 
They really has an eye for kids fashion and stock some amazing brands, like Mini Rodini, Popupshop, Bobo Choses, Emile et Ida, Mini and Maximus, Quinn + Fox, nadadelazos, Koolabah, Yporque and Just Bo to namedrop a few.
 And it's ALL on sale. 
This is definitely a sale to browse! 
Current season up to 40% off and last season up to 50% off. 
(You can even find some classic Bobo Choses!)  

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 
(click the number to be taken to the right site)

Mr C wears BeaulovesUK trackies and Yporque tee (both 30% off now) 

What are you waiting for??
LOJA DADA  ----->>>


Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I love denim. I always have. But when I became a mom I found it really hard to find denim I wanted my kids to wear: I cannot stand pink stitching or little embroidered flowers and hearts. I understand this applies to a lot of people, I just cannot bare it myself.
I ended up on a quest to find the perfect jeans for my son, and I have found, tried and tested a few really cool brands that make awesome denim.
But then I found IDD and my quest is hereby over!

It is love.

I dig denim makes my kids able to move so freely, as the composition of cotton, polyester and elastane makes them super durable and strong, yet so soft and just the perfect amount of stretchy.
I wish you could actually feel this denim through my pictures so that you would know that you have found your perfect denim too, but I can't. All I can tell you is that when they arrived, I went "OMG" Followed by a sigh of immense relief that I had finally found, the perfect denim jeans.
My Mr C proclaimed it all as his, yes, even the dress, and decided to try on right away. (He does that now when a parcel arrives)
When he had put on his pants and shirt, I actually giggled as he looked SO fresh!
So scandinavian. So cool.

Aside from their denim jeans, they make denim skirts, shirts and jackets, cotton dresses and tee's and tanks, knits and accessories.
I am absolutely in love!
Perfect perfect collection.
The fit, the comfort, the cut, it's all so so good.


Mr C is wearing light Newark denim jeans and bastian tank.
Miss W is wearing Arizona blue jeans, and white Dila singlet 

Check out the whole SS14 Collection HERE
If you ever have any questions about idd, feel free to ask me and I will try to help as best as I can.
///The kids are wearing MAA Shoes in this shoot. You can read more about MAA here: free and wild child blogpost///


”I have always loved jeans. Everything from the character of the fabric to how it can be shaped and adapted according to style and taste. Denim is timeless, easy to wear and practical. With my brand I want to give children and women what I love – personal clothing that are made to feel comfortable in. It’s simple, I dig denim.”– Hanna Clavegård
I dig denim is a Gothenburg based denim brand for kids between 2-15 years founded in 2009 by designer Hanna Clavegård. In autumn 2012 a women line was added – I dig denim women. As of today, I dig denim is represented in 15 countries worldwide, selling in 80 carefully selected stores.Our belief is that what you wear reflects your personality and we think it’s important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Therefore, we have carefully considered every detail and our collections for kids and women are characterised by good quality, perfect fit, and unique washes.The inspiration comes from the wild elements of the Swedish west coast – the sea, rocks and open skies – which are ever present and reflected in the colour schemes and fadings of the fabric. The collections are based on denim and completed with pieces in soft fabrics and shapes. Each I dig denim piece is characterised by a strong sense of style, with a clearly relaxed and carefree expression.I dig denim stands for a natural yet cool look.

View our latest collection

View our retailers: Kids | Woman

To read about their production and code of conduct, press HERE :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014


As Promised, I am proud to present to you, the AW14 collection from MAÁ shoes. 
And in true autumn/winter spirit, these shoes are a bit of a darker colour scheme, but features glitter and silver in such a cool way that it can make even the least sparkly of mommas go: Aaaaaaaah! 
And if you are a super fan of glitter and sparkles to begin with: You have just died and gone to heaven! Oh MAÁ, how do you do this? 
When you know that these shoes are also eco-friendly and hand made in Spain, and with children's delicate feet taken into gentle consideration, you will soon also realise you just met shoe perfection.

If you want to know more about this magnificent company, feel free to check out my SS14 blog post, which also features and intro to MAÁ, the company. HERE 
And to purchase there incredible shoes, HERE

::: Stay tuned for a brand new editorial of these babies right here :::

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


nosweet is sosweet! 
I hope they wont hate me for saying this but everything about this label is truly sweet: 
The woman behind the label is so lovely. The clothes are made from organic cotton and chemical free dyes, ethical to the people who make them, the planet and to the people who wear them: 
nosweet truly is sosweet.  
With a golden rule to rule out teddybears and pink fluff, nosweet's prints have been inspired by the world, and the world of bugs. The first two collections was called "dont bug me" , vol 1 and 2 and the current season is called "no is sweet"
Their fabrics are so good: the stitching is flawless and you can tell that time and effort has been put into the whole process when you hold a quality product like this in your hands. 
I hope you will check out their lookbook HERE: You will not regret it. 


To buy nosweet, find a retailer near you from HERE:: 

ABOUT THEMSELVES THEY SAY::We create nosweet for well behaved children of misbehaving parents. Desinging new surprising patterns and looking after high quality of details is one thing; keeping in mind comfort, skin protection and ecology is another, maybe the most important of all.
We use 100% organic cotton warranted by international certificates
of Global Organic Textile Standars (GOTS)
What makes nosweet special is the fact that our clothes are double BIO. Both the fabric and the pigments used for dyeing printed design lack harmful substances. The whole cycle of production: starting from cotton-growing, going through its treatment, weaving, dyeing or printing, ending with the final product of a ready-made fabric, is completely natural. nosweet clothes are tested by children themselves. They check nosweet up while staring indolently at floating clouds, observing thrilling adventures of ants, chewing grass, performing somersaults, riding a bike through puddles and dreaming about a space travel.
How nosweet!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Every so often you come across a shoe or brand, company or philosophy ~that makes you swoon and go out of your way to get it!
This is what happened when Melissa Robbins, the owner of MOPPIT AND MORE saw these amazing little shoes on pinterest a few years back, and now she is the only stockist in Australia.
(With affordable world wide shipping, of course) 

When I saw these for the first time, my heart jumped and it was love at very first sight: when I learned more about the efforts behind getting them to Australia: and the process and philosophy behind these little treasure: I knew my love would be an undying one.
To have the honour of putting your children's feet into something so special and exclusive: is truly a special feeling. The leather is super soft. They smell amazing and they look incredible! My little Miss W loves hers so much. As do I. 

"Utilising the same techniques and standards as the Original Brother Vellies, the Brother Mini’s maintain all the durability and style of the original in an adorable teeny tiny size. The Brother Mini’s are made via the same processes and materials as their “bigger Brothers,” and require an extreme degree of precision and care from the Artisans. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of our Mini’s go towards helping put our artisan’s children through school. Brother Vellies believes that education is a universal right and we couldn’t be more excited to help facilitate and nurture the growth and development of our future generations." says the woman behind the company, Aurora James.

Get these amazing little shoes, from MOPPIT AND MORE
And questions about sizing or fit, feel free to email me and I will help as good as I can. 


About themselves the say: 

Brother Vellies was founded by Aurora James with the goal of introducing the rest of the world to her favorite traditional African footwear, while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs within Africa. Handmade in South Africa, Kenya and Namibia, Brother Vellies creates boots, shoes and sandals in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts.While Brother Vellies offers a variety of styles, the company was built on the enthusiastic reception of their first model, the velskoen. Relatively unknown outside of Africa, the velskoen - pronounced “fell-skoon” and known colloquially as “vellies” - are actually the ancestor of the modern day desert boot. At the workshop in South Africa, a small group of men and women assemble a few dozen pairs of shoes a day by hand, using techniques refined over multiple generations. The workshop was established in 1963 and is an open space that welcomes artisans of all genders, sexual orientation, backgrounds and tribes