Tuesday, 13 May 2014



Miss W is wearing popupshop swan dress from STARS IN A JAR
Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses sweatshirt dots zip also from STARS IN A JAR

(Press their store logo to go to the store and the links to go directly to the specific item) 

In a basement of a house in Paddington Sydney, two Norwegian mums started talking about the stars of children's design for their two girls for winter. The talk soon manifested itself into bringing some seriously fantastic layers of clothing from the Northern Hemisphere to the land Down Under. A year passed on and one additional member for each family arrived along with Stars in a Jar.
The style of clothing you will find at Stars in a Jar reflects a unique feel and quality
with a little input of our personal style.
 Each item has been individually hand selected
with an eye for high quality, sustainable and comfortable clothing for the modern child.

With brands like Bobo Choses, Nico Nico, Wovenplay, NUNUNU, Popupshop, Bang bang CPH to mention some, 
this store is a dream for all the mamas looking for that little extra. 

1) Nico Nico Army jacket Camo    2) Lucky Boy Sunday Polly  3) Bobo Choses Maillot triple stripe 4) Soft Gallery Norman Panda Tee 5) Popupshop parrot gumsuit 6) Nico Nico Cloud tank chalk  7) NUNUNU NO! tee White 8) Wovenplay Jess Brown Doll circus indigo 
 9) Nico Nico miniskirt camo

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