Friday, 23 May 2014


When it comes to labels with amazing ethics, I would say that Popupshop is pretty much the creme of the crop: They know how to run a fair and ethical business and as a result, they deliver a flawless product. The softest organic cotton with the best inks used. These clothes are made to last and last: for you to hand down to grandkids when that time comes. This brand looks into the future and wants to be a part of it all: here, now, lasting, e v e r lasting.
After last seasons success with cooler climate animals for their AW13 (wolf, penguins, polarbears, icebergs etc) POPUPSHOP has kept to a warmer climate for their SS14 with sharks, tigers, leopards and parrots to mention a few. Brand perfection:: This IS it. Enjoy!

To purchase these popupshop threads, visit STARS IN A JAR

About themselves they say

At our passion is to make everlasting basic wear both sustainably and high on quality. Our aim is to create timeless organics. Therefore our products are basic, classic, and always in-style clothes, easy to wear, mix, and match. We do our best to build a company that utilizes innovative sustainable fabrics, and seek to become a affordable, natural and logic choice for modern basics. With this in mind, our pursue is to make a fair product both for the customer and for the people involved in all stages of production. was founded in 2007 and now introduce two new collections per year:  spring/summer & autumn/winter.

If you want to see just how fabulous: Check this out: POPUPSHOP PRODUCTION

Miss W is wearing popupshop swan dress, country road vest and tights, minnetonca double fringe moccs and factorie pompom beanie. 
Mr C is wearing popupshop shark sweater, H&M denim jeans, ADIDAS kicks. 

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