Saturday, 10 May 2014



When I first saw the fish print it was on the fish dress (The one miss W is wearing in this editorial)
I couldn't afford it right away and for weeks and weeks I would check back in to make sure they had more than one left in stock. And then I ended up getting it on sale. 
It was always intended for miss W's 1st birthday, and I was thrilled to put her in it. 
(It had then been in the cabinet for 6 months waiting to be worn!) 

But what is so special about this print, that makes people so in love with it?

In all honesty: I think it is perfection. It is unisex in a very clever way: A boyish boy can wear this print on a tee just as well as a girly girl can. It is as cute as it is cool. As silly as it is chic. 
Equally good for babies and toddler, as bigger kids. 
(I mean, c'mon, make this in MY size!!)
Another thing is the f a b r i c. It is simply the best quality there is: the print doesn't fade at all: doesn't get "hairy" or ragged looking. It keeps looking just as new, wash after wash. 
(I do hand-wash this dress, but I have hand-washed it several times) 
And it is S O F T! Oh so soft. 

Now this prints retail for 100$-150$ as a "rare" item on eBay and other buy-sell pages. 
(Yesterday I was tempted to by a tee on eBay for 80$. I am regretting not having done it)

Mini Rodini themselves made a smart move and first made a limited edition baby blanket, 
and they sold out super quickly and are now impossible to get a hold of.
Now they have made bed spreads for cot and single beds.
The cot size is sold out. (((BUMMER)))

For the Junior/adult sized set, click HERE

And with these cheeky monkeys I say good luck on securing yourself a fish dress or tee or bed spreads, before they have all gone to homes that will never ever let them go.
For searching tips, search eBay international:
Press these links::
Dress and Tee
or try instagram children's fashion sale pages.


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