Monday, 2 June 2014


Sydney walk about park in Gosford, NSW. 
So so good! Wild animals running free, or are there as a retreat since they have been hurt and can't really function in the w i l d anymore, or they have been born right there. 
I love that the roo's and emu's just mingle with you and you sorta  have to take the precautions you would in the wild. 
Totally awesome!   Such an adventure for the little kids! ....And the parents too! 



Miss W is wearing Nico Nico Clouds tank and Camo skirt from stars in a jar, tights from Country road, Minnetonca moccs.   
Mr C is wearing Nico Nico Lula tank and Camo jacket, from stars in a jar HM denim shorts, Mini Rodini socks and Converse all stars. 

Close up on their Nico Nico Items: 
All from Stars In A Jar.  

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