Monday, 19 May 2014

nadadelazos SS14 :: Watch This Space ::

Check out these pieces from the super cute spanish brand nadadelazos.
Cute without being frillsey. These threads were made with the thought of children playing in them: their colours don't fade in wash, which is an absolutely fabulous idea for children's wear and should be applied way more often.
I immediately fell in love with several pieces including all the following ones.
This is what I love about children's clothes: there is so many fantastic little brands out there, just waiting for you to find them and fall in love.

More to be found Loja Dada or nadadelazos


About themselves they say:
nadadelazos is a  Spanish kids and baby clothing brand, founded in 2010 by german designer Kristina Laux.
nadadelazos is fun, colourful clothing for “real kids”.  Our idea is to dress our children in a comfortable and authentic way and stop dressing kids as little dolls with ribbons and ruffles!
Wearing nadadelazos, kids can behave like “real kids”, running around and getting dirty!
nadadelazos collections are made out of 100% quality cotton and the designs are printed with longlasting pigment, so there’s no problem washing your T-shirt or dress as often as you like without loosing the nice colors as usually happens.
Our fun prints are all hand drawn with a lot of love, which makes them special and unique. nadadelazos offers sizes from 0-10 years.

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