Thursday, 1 May 2014


Only for indikiduals <3 

Go bananas with INDIKIDUAL SS14
You can still find the iconic zig zag's and bananas in this season, but in a softer colour scheme, very very much to my liking. Its like this supercool organic UK brand has matured over the past season and come out with an amazing collection full of awesomeness! Jumpsuits, trackies, tops and tees that are simply a joy for the eye! I cannot wait to put my kids in these threads. And trust me, they will both be rocking this awesomeness in a matter of weeks! So good <3
I normally limit the pictures I use but there was just so much cool that I couldn't settle for less; and still much much more where it's coming from so scoot over to INDIKIDUAL and go BANANAS yourself!

For the Indikidual SS14 Video <---- Press that link. 



About themselves they say:

Indikidual is a unisex capsule collection for all kids aged 3 months to 7 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual looks and styles. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to be practical and comfy as well as fashionable and expressive. All the pieces in the collection are nicknamed after little indikiduals that provided inspiration for the range. Say hello to Nodgers, Minty, Wriggles, Dogga Dogga and many others.

ENJOY, My loves xxx

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