Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We went to hang out with Thomas the train on the weekend, and it was great fun.
Even more fun was the fields we ran in for hours afterwards. Funny isn't it: how a plain field with some cows and horses is more entertaining than most things. It was great fun! We had a massive giggle and both kids fell asleep in the car before we even turned on the engine ha! Success!

Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses tee, DC shorts, Mini Rodini cap and socks, and converse shoes.
Miss W is wearing Bobo choses tee and skirt and salt water sandals. 

I got Miss W a size 4-5 in the skirt and 18-24 months in the tee. 
As you can tell she could probably have had a size 6-7 in the skirt. it is THAT tiny. 
Its great with tights underneath or a nice nappy cover. 
(Miss W had a bonds.com.au roomie under.)
 Mr C is wearing a size 4-5 tee, which I feel is true to size. 
I post this information as I know people struggle to find the correct sizes in BC. 
If you have any questions about Bobo Choses items, feel free to ask.
If you comment below, I receive the comment right away. 
Thank you. 

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