Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We went to hang out with Thomas the train on the weekend, and it was great fun.
Even more fun was the fields we ran in for hours afterwards. Funny isn't it: how a plain field with some cows and horses is more entertaining than most things. It was great fun! We had a massive giggle and both kids fell asleep in the car before we even turned on the engine ha! Success!

Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses tee, DC shorts, Mini Rodini cap and socks, and converse shoes.
Miss W is wearing Bobo choses tee and skirt and salt water sandals. 

I got Miss W a size 4-5 in the skirt and 18-24 months in the tee. 
As you can tell she could probably have had a size 6-7 in the skirt. it is THAT tiny. 
Its great with tights underneath or a nice nappy cover. 
(Miss W had a bonds.com.au roomie under.)
 Mr C is wearing a size 4-5 tee, which I feel is true to size. 
I post this information as I know people struggle to find the correct sizes in BC. 
If you have any questions about Bobo Choses items, feel free to ask.
If you comment below, I receive the comment right away. 
Thank you. 

Friday, 23 May 2014


When it comes to labels with amazing ethics, I would say that Popupshop is pretty much the creme of the crop: They know how to run a fair and ethical business and as a result, they deliver a flawless product. The softest organic cotton with the best inks used. These clothes are made to last and last: for you to hand down to grandkids when that time comes. This brand looks into the future and wants to be a part of it all: here, now, lasting, e v e r lasting.
After last seasons success with cooler climate animals for their AW13 (wolf, penguins, polarbears, icebergs etc) POPUPSHOP has kept to a warmer climate for their SS14 with sharks, tigers, leopards and parrots to mention a few. Brand perfection:: This IS it. Enjoy!

To purchase these popupshop threads, visit STARS IN A JAR

About themselves they say

At Popupshop.net our passion is to make everlasting basic wear both sustainably and high on quality. Our aim is to create timeless organics. Therefore our products are basic, classic, and always in-style clothes, easy to wear, mix, and match. We do our best to build a company that utilizes innovative sustainable fabrics, and seek to become a affordable, natural and logic choice for modern basics. With this in mind, our pursue is to make a fair product both for the customer and for the people involved in all stages of production. Popupshop.net was founded in 2007 and now introduce two new collections per year:  spring/summer & autumn/winter.

If you want to see just how fabulous: Check this out: POPUPSHOP PRODUCTION

Miss W is wearing popupshop swan dress, country road vest and tights, minnetonca double fringe moccs and factorie pompom beanie. 
Mr C is wearing popupshop shark sweater, H&M denim jeans, ADIDAS kicks. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


With batman and skulls, lions and watermelons, masks and capes, Pop Factory Shop is bound to be a success! And not only that: they have pink masks and heart pillow cases too. 
I got my little dude the Batman Nighttime pillow case and the mask and he absolutely love them so much that his sister cannot even touch them without getting into trouble. And so I got her the Dream Lion pillow case. 
Their fabrics and prints are so soft and the quality of the prints is absolutely superb. 
It doesn't take much to pimp up a kids room a little extra, and PFS has made this so much fun!
And how cool are those jumpers and PJ's? Pretty SUPER cool! 


To purchase click HERE

About themselves they say:
Family made, for families.
Pop Factory delivers youthful quality goods for families that are design conscious.From graphic design backgrounds and our dad from canvas manufacturing, we make products that our family would use in the hope that others will too.
We like our wardrobes and homes to be bright and appeal to both adults and children. With dark playful undertones to upbeat references on popular culture and time, this range is derived from... Sun up till Sun down. 

We are Bridget and Christopher, sister/brother duo and founders of Pop Factory. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

nadadelazos SS14 :: Watch This Space ::

Check out these pieces from the super cute spanish brand nadadelazos.
Cute without being frillsey. These threads were made with the thought of children playing in them: their colours don't fade in wash, which is an absolutely fabulous idea for children's wear and should be applied way more often.
I immediately fell in love with several pieces including all the following ones.
This is what I love about children's clothes: there is so many fantastic little brands out there, just waiting for you to find them and fall in love.

More to be found Loja Dada or nadadelazos


About themselves they say:
nadadelazos is a  Spanish kids and baby clothing brand, founded in 2010 by german designer Kristina Laux.
nadadelazos is fun, colourful clothing for “real kids”.  Our idea is to dress our children in a comfortable and authentic way and stop dressing kids as little dolls with ribbons and ruffles!
Wearing nadadelazos, kids can behave like “real kids”, running around and getting dirty!
nadadelazos collections are made out of 100% quality cotton and the designs are printed with longlasting pigment, so there’s no problem washing your T-shirt or dress as often as you like without loosing the nice colors as usually happens.
Our fun prints are all hand drawn with a lot of love, which makes them special and unique. nadadelazos offers sizes from 0-10 years.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014



Miss W is wearing popupshop swan dress from STARS IN A JAR
Mr C is wearing Bobo Choses sweatshirt dots zip also from STARS IN A JAR

(Press their store logo to go to the store and the links to go directly to the specific item) 

In a basement of a house in Paddington Sydney, two Norwegian mums started talking about the stars of children's design for their two girls for winter. The talk soon manifested itself into bringing some seriously fantastic layers of clothing from the Northern Hemisphere to the land Down Under. A year passed on and one additional member for each family arrived along with Stars in a Jar.
The style of clothing you will find at Stars in a Jar reflects a unique feel and quality
with a little input of our personal style.
 Each item has been individually hand selected
with an eye for high quality, sustainable and comfortable clothing for the modern child.

With brands like Bobo Choses, Nico Nico, Wovenplay, NUNUNU, Popupshop, Bang bang CPH to mention some, 
this store is a dream for all the mamas looking for that little extra. 

1) Nico Nico Army jacket Camo    2) Lucky Boy Sunday Polly  3) Bobo Choses Maillot triple stripe 4) Soft Gallery Norman Panda Tee 5) Popupshop parrot gumsuit 6) Nico Nico Cloud tank chalk  7) NUNUNU NO! tee White 8) Wovenplay Jess Brown Doll circus indigo 
 9) Nico Nico miniskirt camo