Sunday, 6 April 2014

TIP TOEY JOEY. A kids shoes icon!

The world of childrens footwear is a massive one and the task of finding proper footwear for your little one is essential to their foot developement. 

1) the shoes have to give support
2) be comfortable
3) if the child is under 2, the soles need to be soft on the mostly worn shoes
4) if the child is over 2 the sole still cannot be too firm, but soft hard soles are ok.

One really expects that baby and childrens shoes have been made with careful thought to the kids prescious feet, but this is far from true: shoe companies want to make money and sadly, so many make those money on parents ignorance to what proper footwear means. (Just like with baby carriers!)

Well, to break it down easily: adidas shoes (yep, all of them except their soft soled crib shoes) should not be worn excessively by little feet under 2 years. Their soles are far to firm for the feet to develope well. Of course once in a while wont harm the feet, but every day use of such firm soles might. And thats a chance Im not willing to take. This also goes for any shoe with a hard sole that you cannot bend without using strength: if you cant bend the shoe between your pinky&ringfinger and the thumb, they are too firm. You should also be able to bend them sideways!

This brand give childrens feet exactly what they need: really soft rubber soles.
For 0-6 months the sole is like the picture above, and for 6-24 months they have a full soft squeezable rubber sole. These shoes are unlike any other! Absolute kids shoes perfection! They look fab and feel even better. Their design vary from cool sneakers to lovely mary janes. And all are great for little feet. 
The rubber soles are supersoft but gives an amazing grip (my girl (18 months) can climp up slides with these shoes -she has these black hi-tops

If you are shopping summer or winter shoes for your child, and especially if your child is between 0-2, I would lovingly suggest to check out Tip Toey Joey and go for your fave. You will not regret it and your kid will love them!

(There is an ocean of colours and styles, Im just showing a few below.) 


About themselves they say:

Created by an Australian dad and Brazilian mum, Tip Toey Joey shoes carry our passion for kids and design, as well as a good dose of real parental practicality. From our original Baby line to our Toddler and Junior collections, Tip Toey Joey are healthy, high-quality and comfortable – because we design them for our very own daughter.
When we introduced our first shoes to Australia back in 2007, we knew we had something good, but we never imagined we’d get this far, growing from a small, local business to a well-respected, worldwide brand.
We are incredibly proud of Tip Toey Joey – a business we affectionately call “our second child” – and we look forward to sharing our beloved little shoes with your family for years to come.

Ana & Scott, creators of Tip Toey Joey

Find a retailer near you here: 


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