Monday, 16 September 2013


There is many things I can say about my love for the Little wings collections by Paper wings to describe just how big of a fan I am. But I shall leave it at; Perfection!
Their clothes are simply made for my little girl. So sweet, fairly made in Vietnam and mostly organic cotton. This season has love, unicorns and cats i the centre of attention, but for me the biggest applause was for a collaboration with Katie Daisy who is a flowery sweetheart from the US.
She has made the "You are so loved" tee [that I litterally RAN to my favourite shop to get!] and you can find her on instagram @katieisadaisy or her webpage]
We LOVE art!

I was also super stoked when I discovered that they made some paper wings items for boys this year! We immediately got the owl tee as it has my sons name all over it.
[No it doesnt. It actually says "like the wind" sigh! So perfect!!!]

Some of our favourites this year:

Get them at MY MESSY ROOM

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