Sunday, 15 September 2013


This sleeping bag for babies from ANATOLOGY is nothing but amazing!
I am completely in L O V E!
I have tried everything but it is sold out and impossible to get a hold of;
but OMG! how I'd love for my baby to sleep in this cuddly beauty!
[NOTE: The designer wrote me an email letting me know they we're going to make some more of these, but sadly by the time they would be done it would be summer in australia, so I had to pass :(( BUT Oh how grateful I was that she wrote me! <3)  

[and on the topic of my baby: she started walking yesterday! <3]
Pandas are so happening at the moment ~which is great as it also sheds some (much needed!) light to the cold reality that Panda bears are near extinction.
We need to protect this beautiful species!

To adopt one; please follow the link below :)

The Giant Panda needs you <3
Peace and love


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