Tuesday, 24 September 2013

LOVE MAE fabric wall decals ~art and beauty!

I have fallen in LOVE with the decals from Love Mae and I have my eyes on a few for my kids room and playroom in the future [we are in between houses, so Im not going to make a lovely kids room, only to move right afterwards: so we need to decide on wether we will stay right here for a couple of years: or move towards the ocean. And yes, I long for the ocean these days. I really do <3]
Since moving to gorgeous Sydney, from beautiful Oslo, I have found myself missing the forest a lot! And the sea. I pretty much grew up in the forest and have always spent hours on hours in it. Walking the dogs, playing, picking, picknicing, dreaming. And here, well, you have the blue  mountains and the bush but in the bush is also dangerous snakes and spiders and so Im not really comfortable walking in the forest. Yeah, I have been a bit cautious while in Norwegian and Swedish forests too, you know, there is wolves, bears, elk, lynx, deers, foxes... Big and small, cute and some a bit dangerous, animals. But I can deal with that as its just a native instinct in me: generations of forest friends before me have made those cautions awareness and not fear: but spiders and snakes... Hah! Goes off the creepy radar for me!
Every time I think knowledge is power and I begin reading about funnel webs and red bellies, I end up with nightmares and no better know-how on what to do if I ever encounter one... So I pretend they don't exist instead. And hope I don't ever meet one!

Aaaanyways: my point is that I miss the forest and trees: the birch and the pine! I miss the animals and the sounds. And Love Mae takes me to where I feel at home: 

Love Mae also takes my kids on an adventure through the amazing stories the gorgeous decals make.

I bisited one of my fav shops in Sydney the other day   http://www.mymessyroom.com.au
and they stock Love Mae. They showed me a really old little piece of decal ~that still sticks easily to the wall and is not badly curled or wrinkky even though its been put through all kinda of tests and wear of time and kids... 
 They are great for on-and-off use: dont curl and last for a very long time. 

Their bamboo dinner sets are equally adorable [Must. Have. The . Deer. One!]

So check out Love Mae http://www.lovemae.com.au

Monday, 23 September 2013

PLAYON CRAYON the playful stackable crayon

My son loves to draw and paint and all minds if artsy stuff, but most of all: he loves stacking! Up or sideways doesn't matter, as long as it is stacking, sorting and organizing,
He loves it!
And my little girl loves to try to draw too, but she struggles with the grip of normal crayons. She is also into stacking and sorting. 
Intro: Playon Crayon!

Non toxic super clever crayons!
Thank you www.studioskinky.com

Sunday, 22 September 2013


If there was ever a toy to get for your child, CUBEBOT is it!
My son has been absolutely occupied since I got him this ~a week ago!

Its wooden, sturdy, ever changing awesomeness! 
Worth every penny!

Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries – but not this collection! Cubebot, Julien and Guthrie are inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, and are wooden sculptures with a non-traditional take on the toy. Their sturdy hardwood frames can hold hundreds of poses and when playtime is over, they each neatly fold up into unassuming cubes.

I love my sons so much that they rest on my kitchen counter after he has gone to bed at night :))

You can get him right here 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I have been in love with Munster kids awesome prints since my son was about 4 months old and I was desperately searching the web for some cool [but not adult and not silly] baby clothes! Mini munster was IT! I was even doing a little dance when my first ever Munster purchase arrived in the mail. It was called Decks and was a tiny little grey hoodie with two skateboard decks crossing. [Ill see if I can dig up a pic!] and so my love and obsession begun!
My son has a big collection of munster tees, hoodies and shorts and my little miss has some amazing munster threads too: like thise tribal pants: they are so seriously soft and so fantastically cool! I wish they made them in MY size!
If there was ever a brand that I feel connected with, and a fan of:
This is it! 
Munster, mini munster, lil missie munster and misse munster ~always impress with lots of colours and awesome prints and patterns.

Fairly made in Vietnam.

Instagram @munsterkids

Monday, 16 September 2013


There is many things I can say about my love for the Little wings collections by Paper wings to describe just how big of a fan I am. But I shall leave it at; Perfection!
Their clothes are simply made for my little girl. So sweet, fairly made in Vietnam and mostly organic cotton. This season has love, unicorns and cats i the centre of attention, but for me the biggest applause was for a collaboration with Katie Daisy who is a flowery sweetheart from the US.
She has made the "You are so loved" tee [that I litterally RAN to my favourite shop to get!] and you can find her on instagram @katieisadaisy or her webpage katiedaisy.com]
We LOVE art!

I was also super stoked when I discovered that they made some paper wings items for boys this year! We immediately got the owl tee as it has my sons name all over it.
[No it doesnt. It actually says "like the wind" sigh! So perfect!!!]

Some of our favourites this year:

Get them at MY MESSY ROOM


Instagram is a massive inspiration to me, and I insta-hop a lot!
This fantastic brand, I found through a girl in Singapore, and its called Kidsonroof
[find them here http://www.kidsonroof.com]
and is a dutch design company who works with recycled cardboard!

Kidsonroof wishes to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination.

We just got the big rocket for our son and he loves it!
The design is simple and cool and it is much sturdier than I had thought initially. We love nature and eco-friendly, reusable, biodegradable superfun and funky toys!

Kidsonroof got it all!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Danish Soft Gallery is widely known for their amazing prints and embroideries and works in collaboration with different artists each season.
Their clothes are soft, comfortable and very cute [without becoming too cutesy and babyish] and if its made in India it is in support of Danish Indian childcare.

if it was made by Soft Gallery, my little girl could be dressed in pink every single day!
It is just the right shade of pink and the right kind of cute!

How cute is the racoon?!

You can get Soft Gallery Here.


Little Eleven Paris comes with the coolest range of tee's and sweaters this season!

We especially love  <3 Jim Morrison <3, the little Will Smith hoodie, Mickey Mustache and
Kate Moss Tee and Tote bag

Too cool!

And I can't forget the perfect set for any fashionable babies!

You can get this and way more here Eleven Paris

Peace and Love


This sleeping bag for babies from ANATOLOGY is nothing but amazing!
I am completely in L O V E!
I have tried everything but it is sold out and impossible to get a hold of;
but OMG! how I'd love for my baby to sleep in this cuddly beauty!
[NOTE: The designer wrote me an email letting me know they we're going to make some more of these, but sadly by the time they would be done it would be summer in australia, so I had to pass :(( BUT Oh how grateful I was that she wrote me! <3)  

[and on the topic of my baby: she started walking yesterday! <3]
Pandas are so happening at the moment ~which is great as it also sheds some (much needed!) light to the cold reality that Panda bears are near extinction.
We need to protect this beautiful species!

To adopt one; please follow the link below :)

The Giant Panda needs you <3
Peace and love

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Free And Wild Child

Hello and welcome to the Free and Wild Child blog.

In the very near future there will be a segment about my family and I right here
In the mean while:


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