Thursday, 23 August 2018


Guys, my favourite time of the year is here: SPRINGTIME! And what better way to kick off our SS/FW blogposts, than Munster kids SS18!

Munster kids is an all time favourite Australian brand of ours, friendly made and of the best quality. This brand is made to be lived in, played in, and looking fresh in:: Surf, skate and everything palmy and balmy! 
This time we had the pleasure of picking out our favourite Munster Kids Drop 1 pieces from the Australian children's fashion store, HIPKIN kids in Melbourne, who does not just stock all the best Munster kids, but they also have the biggest range of I dig denim and nununu as well, on top of a range of amazing bands, like F/D feather drum, Children of the tribe, Rylee and Cru, to mention just a few.  And a little bird also told me, that Munster kids drop 2 is full of swimwear and available super soon, so you should definitely sign up to HIPKIN's newsletter, so you get told first!! 

We took all the little guys with us to one of our absolute favourite beaches, where the big dudes 
(Carlos and Cousin Nash) could surf the southerly swell, and we could play and explore the amazing sand dunes! What an incredible place to just run around and waste time. We ran around for ages, while the big guys surfed in 16 degree water. (brrr) This was also, the moment when I realised that these kids are getting waaaay to big and waaaay to fast for me, so I went practically straight from here to the camera shop and got my self the lens of all lenses, the Canon 24-70mm 2.8fL. What an investment: I cannot wait for our next adventure!!  

I just wanted to tell you a little bit specifically about the clothing they are wearing::
The Olive Munster kids Trestle pans are so flexible. They would be perfect for little skaterdudes, or BMX riders, who are working on their tricks! The nununu raw military pants are so soft, I mean, you really have to try these if you dig the style (which I can guarantee you, Mr C does!) and Miss W's Missie Munster skirt, although this is a pretty skirt that should be treated with care, let me just tell you, though not recommending, that playing in the sand, and under all these crazy branches, did not hurt this skirt at all and it is still perfectly perfect:: however:: Be gentle with this little treasure! You will LOVE it, this I guarantee, and it will last heaps longer if you look after it. 

For details on what pieces they are wearing exactly and direct link, see the bottom of this post:

I hope you love it darlings. 


Kari and the little munster tribe!  

Mr C is wearing::
Munster kids cap (vintage)

Miss W is wearing::
Munster kids jumper (vintage)
Black cotton stockings

Mr Lu is wearing::
(and a rick and morty cap he loves)